The Star

19th October RAG launch 2011: "Liz Hang Out For A While"

Article: the_star_19th_october_rag_launch.pdf (136kb)

Irish Daily Mirror

19th October RAG launch 201: "Is That Callum Wrapped Round You Georgia, Or Just A Snake"

Article: irish_daily_mirror_19th_october_rag_launch.pdf (295kb)


21st October RAG launch 201: "Mini Golf Centre Is The Business"

Article: metroherald_21st_october_rag_launch.pdf (168kb)

Dundrum Gazette

27th October RAG launch 2011: "Ancient Minigolf Is Centre's Newest Hit"

Article: dundrum_gazette_27th_october_rag_launch.pdf (548kb)

Northside People

2nd Nov 2011: "Jungle Girls"

Article: northside_people_2nd_nov_2011.pdf (139kb)

Sunday Business Post

6th Nov 2011: "A Grand Day Out In Rainforest Dublin"

Article: sunday_business_post_6th_nov.pdf (130kb)